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Order for SMS INNSE S.p.A.: 13 3/8" Tube Finishing Plant
for Empresa Basica Socialista de Tubos de Acero Sin Costura - Venezuela

CVG International Filial Europea S.L. and Empresa Basica Socialista de Tubos Acero Sin Costura C.A. have placed an order on May 2010 to SMS INNSE S.p.A., Milan - Italy, for the supply of a new 13 3/8" Finishing Plant for Seamless Steel Tube

The Contract for a 13 3/8" Tube Finishing Plant with a Production Capacity of 200.000 Tons per Year includes 5 (five) Production lines as follows:

Production Lines: Diameters to produce:
Heat Treatment Line 2 3/8" ÷ 13 3/8"
Tubing Line 2 3/8" ÷ 7"
Casing Line 4 ½" ÷ 13 3/8"
Coupling Line 2 3/8" ÷ 13 3/8"
Upsetting Line 2 3/8" ÷ 4 ½"

The SMS scope of supply comprises the Design and Manufacture, as well as the Supervision of erection and commissioning, of the plant that provides the finishing lines. Some existing equipment will be used after re-engineering and engineering modifications for new layout adaptation

For this Tube Finishing Plant, SMS INNSE works in collaboration with SMS Meer GmbH, which is the center of competence within the SMS Group and will supply the Hot Straightener, the Pipe End Threading machines, the Pipe Testing machines and the Upsetting machine.
SMS Meer S.p.A. (Tarcento - Italy) will supply, for the Heat Treatment area, Furnaces and Quenching Heads.

The Equipment CIF delivery is foreseen in 18-20 months and Provisional Acceptance within 28 months.

SMS INNSE is one of the Italian subsidiaries of the SMS Group, part of the Metallurgical Plant and Rolling Mill Technology Business Area.

September 2010, Milan / Italy